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Worship Description and Times PDF Print E-mail

Please join us for one of our two Sunday morning services:

8:15: A quiet, traditional, Episcopal Book of Common Prayer Communion service (Rite II) without music or childcare, 45 minutes.

9:15:  Choir Rehearsal

10 a.m:  Sunday School. Children join service for communion.

10:00: A communion service mixing hymns, gospel, and world songs with a blend of Lutheran and Episcopalian language. Nursery and child care provided.

11:00:  Coffee/Social Hour - All are welcome!

Worship Ministries PDF Print E-mail

all-saintsWe call a worship service a liturgy, which comes from a Greek word meaning "the work of the people." Many join in this joyful work of seeing that our time of prayer and praise goes well. Some of the official roles are listed below. Those that require a brief training are marked with an asterisk (*). For information about participating in these ministries, please contact our office (734-429-2991 or Email the Office ).

Assisting Ministers* lead the prayers and assist at the altar.
Acolytes* carry the cross, light and extinguish altar candles, and hold the gospel book for the Deacon to read from.  This ministry draws from youth ages 9-17.
Readers* read the Old and New Testament Bible readings during the service.
Ushers* manage the flow of people and hand out worship folders.
Greeters* welcome new visitors and old regulars alike.
Worship Center Teachers* lead the children (age 4-11) in Christian Learning during the first part of coffee hour.
Altar Guild* sets up the sanctuary for services and manages communion supplies.
Altar Flower Providers sign up on the bulletin board for when they wish to provide flowers.
Coffee Hour Hosts every member who attends the 10:00 service participates in this important ministry of welcome by providing the coffee hour goodies along with set up and clean up two or three times a year as assigned.
Choir rehearses at 9:15 a.m. most Sundays and performs a choir anthem approximately once every six weeks as well as Christmas Eve and Easter.  No special ability is required--just a desire to sing with joy!